DIY: How to Make a Braided Yarn Scarf

Previously, I managed the blog where I documented adventures in thrifty fashion.  I fell in love with a braided scarf on, decided to create one myself, and outlined the how-to on the blog.

I suspended BePrettyCheap, but before I did, my DIY post made it onto Pinterst.  Now, I frequently get emails requesting to see the post.  So, I’m giving the people what they want.  Here you go.  Happy braiding. ———

Don’t you just love it when you go out on a limb and try to make something yourself and it actually works out?

Here’s how to make a warm, nifty, little scarf without even touching a pair of knitting needles.

I thought this scarf at was awesome.  I really wanted to add it to my collection, but the price tag was $48, so I thought I’d try to create one on my own.

The process was not as easy as I thought it would be.  But, I think I worked out the kinks.

I wanted my scarf to be multicolored, so I needed lots of yarn.  I went to Hobby Lobby (with a coupon I printed off of their website, of course) and selected these colors.  (With this much yarn, I should be able to make quite a few scarves.)  Here’s a tip; go ahead and spend a few extra dollars and get the super-soft yarn.  You might end up spending more money, but believe me, you won’t wear this thing for 2 seconds if it’s made out of the cheap, scratchy stuff.

STEP 1:  I cut 90 strands of yarn at 13 feet each.  Each “big strand” of the braid is made of 30 single strands of yarn.  (You could use more or less according to how thick you would like your scarf to end up.)

The photo above shows one “strand” of 30 pieces of yarn.

STEP 2:  I tied the 30 single strands together, to make 3 “big strands.”

Then, I tied the 3 “big strands” together at the top…

And then hung them from a hanger on my door.

By the way, that stereotype that cats love yarn is very, very, very true.  Lincoln Town Cat would not leave me alone.

STEP 3:  Now, here’s the key to making this scarf.  The strands are so long, that it was almost impossible to keep them from tangling and braiding at the end of the strands.  (Trust me, you’ll quickly realize what I’m talking about if you try to braid at this point in the process.)

So, my solution was to tie the “big strands” together with small pieces of yarn, as you can see in this picture.  It takes a while, but it’s worth it.  The strands are much easier to manage, and you can create a nice, even, pretty braid.

STEP 4:  I then braided the three “big strands.”  I would slightly twist each “big strand” as I braided, allowing different colors to peek through.

STEP 5:  After finishing the braid, I went through and cut out all of the ties.  (Be careful.  You don’t want to cut the actual scarf.  I would recommend using a different color yarn for your ties, so you know exactly where to cut.)

STEP 6:  To secure the ends I simply tied them together, and then wrapped a thick solid band of gray yarn around the rough edges.

The scarf is super-soft and surprisingly warm.  Sometimes I wrap it three times…

And sometimes I just wrap it twice.

Good luck.  Let me know if you figure out anymore tips or tricks if you give it a go.

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11 Comments on “DIY: How to Make a Braided Yarn Scarf

  1. love this! your pictures and directions are greaaaaat. :D i will definitely try it and i’m sure my cat will join the fun, too! ;D

  2. Phew!! Nearly finished making this! If anyone is planning to do this, it takes a looooong time so bear that in mind!! Just got to coil some wool around it to make it a bit neater!! Hopefully it won’t get too tangled!!

    Thanks for the awesome tutorial and I’m looking forward to wearing my new scarf!

  3. Wow! Super cute! At first I thought maybe it was made out of shredded tshirts. It seems like quite the project, but may be a good “to do” in the winter!

  4. If you loosen your skeins and wash/ dry them in an undergarment bag, it “fluffs” them up – that may give you the more fluffy look or thicker look like the image of the original. This sounds like a good fall weekend project. Off to the store!!! I want to have my tween daughter help make one!! Thanks for the awesome tutorial (and cat picture – hilarious).

  5. I made two of these in the past two days. So much fun, thanks for the great idea and tutorial. I found twist ties useful, you can untwist them as you braid. No scissor needed.

  6. Lincoln Town Cat…. Bahahaha! I love it! Can’t wait to try this! I’ve been loom knitting all of Christmas break and kinda can’t wait to get a break from it! lol. This should be a nice switch up.

  7. Yours is made out of cotton yearn, but I’m too cold here – I’ll have to find some SOFT 100% wool. Than k you for posting it!

  8. I can”t wait to try this! Looks easy….and I like yours better then the one you pictured…Thanks!

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